The inlet part and outlet part are customizable;shut off valve and filter are proposed to be equipped on the water-supply end

Product Description

Anti-freezing emergency shower & eye wash

● Material: SS304

● Surface finishing : fine-polished, which makes the pipe surface performs better on corrosion resistance

● Installation characteristics: the“Union”allows easier pipe connection and disconnection

● Usage:Shower+Eye wash+Emptying

● Appropriate area:Low cold areas in the North

● Switch ball valve: SS304 ball valve

● Shower head : spinning-formed with curled rim, diameter 250 mm

● Pipe diameter: 38mm

● Eyewash bowl features : 300 mm in diameter, vertical bowl-wall design, allows better water collecting and anti-splashing

● Dust cover : integrated with the spray head ( not connected by chain )

● Spray head feature : patented design, each spray head equips with one water-flow control valve

● Inlet thread: Rp1"

● Outlet thread:Rp1"

● Inlet height: 810mm

● Outlet height:86mm

● Product features:

1.Adopt the new patented eye wash spray head.The outlet water flow of the eye wash spray head is controlled by the flow regulation structure inside the spray head,it has been debugged and corrected before leaving the factory. If the water pressure on site changes, it can be adjusted by itself.

2. The main water inlet valve is a special three-way ball valve. The water inlet is opened (opening angle 90°), the outlet is closed; move the switch handle upward, the water inlet is closed, the outlet is opened, and the accumulated water in the pipeline is automatically emptied.

3. The pipeline is equipped with a water leakage hole to empty the residual water in the eye nozzle, which is conducive to the cleaning and anti-freezing of the pipeline (a part of the water is drained into the sewer pipe during eye washing without affecting the use effect.).

4. The eye wash has the function of manual emptying and anti-freezing. It is suitable for use in areas where the temperature is below 0°C and in environments with hot water supply. 



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