Emergency Shower & Eye Wash

Emergency Shower & Eye Wash

The Role of Emergency Shower & Eye Wash

Emergency shower & eye wash is very important for on-site flushing of contamination caused by accidents. In some laboratory work areas, hazards may occur only on the face and eyes of workers. In such cases, the eye wash station is a device that serves to protect workers. At times, workers may risk partial or full body exposure to chemicals. emergency eyewash and safety shower stations provide on-site decontamination, enabling workers to flush away hazardous substances that may cause injury.

Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Installation

The emergency shower & eye wash is an all-in-one eye wash and shower unit. Shower hoses are used as fixed eye wash stations or can be removed from their brackets to direct spray where needed. Emergency eyewash stations include units connected to plumbing, stand-alone units with built-in eyewash boxes, and personal eyewash stations and bottles. Showerheads are mounted on the ceiling, wall or floor to provide emergency showers.

Instructions For Use of Emergency Shower & Eye Wash

The combination unit of emergency shower and eye wash has the ability to rinse any part of the body or the entire body. It is the most protective device for workers who are in extreme pain or shock due to injury and are unable to follow instructions. The first 10 - 15 seconds after exposure to hazardous materials are critical and any delay in treatment can result in serious injury. Emergency showers can also be used to extinguish clothing fires or to rinse contaminants from clothing.

Emergency showers are used to rinse the user's head and body, not to rinse the user's eyes, as in some cases the water flow may damage the eyes.

Eyewash stations are intended to flush the eyes and facial area only in the event of an emergency. 

Emergency eyewash and shower units rinse contaminants from the eyes and body to help prevent injury or permanent damage. Emergency eyewashes and showers are used in laboratories, chemical plants, paper mills and other environments that contain potentially harmful chemicals or materials. They are often required to meet government regulations and safety standards.

The need for emergency showers and eyewashes depends on the chemicals workers use and the work they do in the workplace. Runwangda offers emergency showers and eyewash combinations, and individual emergency showers or eyewashes. Customers can choose from emergency shower and eyewash sets with or without paddles.

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