Lab Fittings

Lab fittings

Lab fittings are laboratory service fittings that are a fundamental part of a laboratory system. Although these fittings are not particularly complex, understanding the procedures for using fittings is essential to avoiding system problems. These fittings are used where connections and adjustments to piping are required. The primary functions of the fittings include preventing liquid or gas leakage and keeping the piping inside during backpressure. The main lab fittings are lab tap,,lab gas valve, PP sink, PP pegboard, andume extractor.

Lab Gas Valve

Lab gas valves are made of solid brass, with high gloss epoxy powder on the outside, which can resist most chemicals, UV fading and high temperature.

A good lab gas valve should be easy to operate, easy to install or assemble, and comply with international laboratory standards. The gas valves are available in different mounting and valve shapes. There are three main types, single, two-way or four-way, in a variety of styles, colors, shapes, sizes and types, as well as valves with specific specifications designed for chemical and pharmaceutical applications to meet the needs and requirements of the industry.

Lab Tap

The lab tap is made of high quality all brass body, ABS handle and polypropylene outlet nozzle and conforms to international industry standards, depending on your needs, you can choose the number of outlets, fixed or swivel outlet and handle style, quality and condition according to the standards followed.

Our lab taps are available as single assay faucet, two way assay faucet, three way assay faucet, stainless steel lab tap and water gas tap. you can choose between swivel outlet, fixed outlet or wall mounted, and with or without elbow action handle.

Lab Fittings Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of lab fittings, Runwangda's lab fittings are made from materials that fully comply with international laboratory standards, all with a focus on safety, flexibility, functionality and quality. As a laboratory owner or assistant, you may be looking for professional and reasonable lab fittings, we will be your reliable partner. contact us!

Product catalog of lab fittings

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